Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hand Made Wool Rug

This is my first finished hand made rug - it is about the size of a kitchen mat - it took me 4 months to finish and I really enjoyed the process - It is made with 100% wool and hooked on a linen backing - a labor of love - this a really relaxing art to do when I get home from work I am usually too tired to paint - but I could hook in front of the TV - and relax

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Onions ? - Weekly Challenge

2 / 6x8 panels

This is a weekly challenge that is posted on the Daily Paintworks web site - I am going to try and do the challenge every week - - It will keep me painting and what a great thing to do with a bunch of artists - !! Yep this was an onion I was painting - Carol said it would get easier with each one - but I am not sure that was my experience - my last one was the worst - oh well - I enjoyed the challenge for sure !!

Grizzly Mood

oil on panel

We went to the San Antonio Zoo last week (me and The Marines) had a really lovely day - I think I was most impressed with this guy his claws were huge and I love the color of the rocks he was sitting on - but I feel like I never really get that color right - someday I will.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bunny Pillow

Bunny pillow
Made from strips of wool , burlap and fabric
I had so much fun making this pillow for my friends Kelly and Matt who are about to have thier first baby - I had wanted to do some sort of fabric art and I met a women recently who created these, she taught me how and the I became obsessed immediately - it is incredibly relaxing and fun to do

Friday, September 10, 2010

Inks Lake

Oil - 24 X 34
I experimented quite a bit with this painitng , I painted larger and in layers - waiting for one layer to dry before doing the next - it was interesting but I didnt know when to stop - felt like I could have just kept working on it forever, but I couldnt because I am donating this one to The Building Bridges event and I needed to finish !!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Big Sur Barn

16 x 12
Oil on board/canvas
My friend Ali and I went camping in Big Sur a few month ago - I didnt have my paints with me but I did have my camera - I came back and painted this from memory and the photo. Barns just might be my favorite subject to paint.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Canadian Geese layover in Lake Tahoe

8 x 10
Acrylic on Board
"Canadian Geese Layover in Lake Tahoe"

This was the second acrylic I did while in Tahoe

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Camp Richardson Hotel

24x18 Acrylic on canvas
Camp Richardson Hotel

This is first acrylic painting I have ever attempted - and I cant say that I enjoyed the process, I only brought acrylics with me to Tahoe thinking that they would be easier to travel with. Acrylics are so different than oils so I think I am going to re-do this one in oil and expereince how the different mediums feel when doing the same painting - Tahoe is paradise, it truly is the perfect place, I didnt bring my plein aire easel so all the paintings were done from photos and done indoors - not half as much fun but at least I painted while I was there. I also got to expereince seeing a Tahoe Bear family - I was in the car they were being a Bear family in the woods - they were too cute for words and of course I didnt have my camera - There was a mamma bear and her 2 "large cubs". I feel blessed that I got to see them - because I know people that have lived there their whole lives and have only seen them once or twice.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Road to Pokeney Farm

7 x 6 oil
Carol and I painted on Saturday and we only got one painting in - here is mine.
Carol wanted to paint this scene - I wasnt sure at first but I am really glad we did - it ended up being a lovely scene and the scene really was a great composition - without a lot of thinking or eliminating anything.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Ariel's beach

18 X 24 - oil on panel - I did this painting for Ariel - my girlfriend Shari's oldest girl , Ariel sent me a photo that she wanted me to paint - at first I was like oh no - I cant do a beach - but then right when I started it - I started to have fun with it - and the time flew - I really like the way it came out - and I must say I am proud of this one - thanks for the idea Ariel !! I hope you enjoy it - Happy Birthday

German Barn

6X8 - oil on panel - I took a photo while we were in Germany a few years back - the colors in my paiting are little more mellow. Germany was a lot of fun to visit

little Lake Tahoe

6X8 oil on panel
I love this spot in South Lake Tahoe it is a little cove where folks hang out and sun bath - there is an esturary here - where lots of wild life hang - very cool and very colorful

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Novia Scotia Barn

6X6 oil on linen - $75.00 - SOLD - email me for purchasing options
This place is a beatiful well kept secret - if you are ever wondering where do I take a nice peaceful vacation Novia Scotia is a place to consider

Where Soul Meets Body

20 X 24 oil on canvas - $475.00 Available - email me for purchasing options
Lake Tahoe , one of my favorite places to be - this is a view from above the lake on a lovely trail

MMM Apples


6x8 oil on Canvas - I painted this little guy at at work shop with Carol and Karin - what a great day !! -