Sunday, February 6, 2011

Onions ? - Weekly Challenge

2 / 6x8 panels

This is a weekly challenge that is posted on the Daily Paintworks web site - I am going to try and do the challenge every week - - It will keep me painting and what a great thing to do with a bunch of artists - !! Yep this was an onion I was painting - Carol said it would get easier with each one - but I am not sure that was my experience - my last one was the worst - oh well - I enjoyed the challenge for sure !!

Grizzly Mood

oil on panel

We went to the San Antonio Zoo last week (me and The Marines) had a really lovely day - I think I was most impressed with this guy his claws were huge and I love the color of the rocks he was sitting on - but I feel like I never really get that color right - someday I will.